Vietnamese-American Political Action Committee Endorses Vanover

February 19, 2014
Mr. Chuck Vanover

Dear Mr. Vanover,

The Vietnamese-American Political Action Committee (VA-PAC) has decided to endorse a number of candidates for the March 4, 2014 Primary Election and we are pleased to inform you that we are endorsing you for Judge of Tarrant County Criminal Court 8. We believe that your views on a number of areas including economy, education, and social values are very similar to ours and therefore, we want you to be successful in this election.

To assist you in this effort, VA-PAC …

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Tarrant County Law Enforcement Association Endorses Chuck Vanover

Political Action Committee

904 Collier Street

Fort Worth, Texas 76102

January 5, 2014

Candidate Chuck Vanover:

Subject:  Letter of Endorsement

On behalf of the members of the Tarrant County Law Enforcement Association (TCLEA), I am pleased to inform you that the TCLEA proudly endorses your candidacy for Judge of the Tarrant County Criminal Court #8.

Your long time commitment to the service of others as a police officer, prosecutor and a member of the Texas State Guard JAG, along with so many other accomplishments, makes you the clear …

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36 Year Tarrant County Law Enforcement Officer Endorses Chuck Vanover


I am a 6th generation resident of North East Tarrant County and have known Charles (Chuck) Vanover for over 25 years.  He has been a life long resident of North East Tarrant County and graduated from Grapevine High School.  He is very honest, personable and professional.  When he graduated from college he worked for the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department and latter for the Dallas/Ft Worth International Airport, Department of Public Safety as a police officer, fire fighter and …

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Former Texas Rangers Pitcher Endorses Chuck Vanover

Chuck Vanover is the best choice for Judge of Tarrant County Criminal Court 8!

I first met Chuck Vanover while I was playing Professional Baseball for the Texas Rangers. At the time, Chuck was a Police Officer with the D/FW Airport Department of Public Safety. I saw in Chuck what most people see in Chuck. He is a man of integrity, character and a man that cares about our community and upholding the laws of our great state. Chuck is an advocate for law enforcement and …

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An Open Letter to the Voters of Tarrant County From Former Ambassador at Large Under President Ronald Reagan

Endorsement of the Candidacy of Chuck Vanover for Judge, Tarrant County Criminal Court # 8

America’s strength rests with our States and communities.   The people we elect to local offices are the first line of protection for our lives, our rights and liberties and our property.  All of us are familiar with the posturing, easy talk and empty promises of our election cycles that too often leave us no option but to vote for a candidate that is the best of a bad lot.  But not …

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Fred J. Moore, Special Agent, United States Department of Defense (ret) Endorses Chuck Vanover

My name is Fred J. Moore, Special Agent, United States Department of Defense, retired.  I also am a Special Agent for the United States Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) retired.  I served my country in the  United States Marine Corps (active duty) and US Army Reserve (reserve duty) and retired with twenty-two years of service.

Being in law enforcement most of my adult life I have been fortunate to have worked with many good people in the federal, state and local levels.  People that are of …

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