An Open Letter to the Voters of Tarrant County From Former Ambassador at Large Under President Ronald Reagan

Endorsement of the Candidacy of Chuck Vanover for Judge, Tarrant County Criminal Court # 8

America’s strength rests with our States and communities.   The people we elect to local offices are the first line of protection for our lives, our rights and liberties and our property.  All of us are familiar with the posturing, easy talk and empty promises of our election cycles that too often leave us no option but to vote for a candidate that is the best of a bad lot.  But not in 2014.   Next year the citizens of Tarrant County  have an opportunity to vote for a candidate who talks straight, keeps his word and lives by the values that most of us believe in. Chuck Vanover is that candidate.

Chuck  is  standing  in the 2014 elections as a candidate for  Judge of Tarrant County Criminal Court # 8. I am proud to publicly endorse his candidacy and pledge  my energetic  support.    A native of Tarrant County, Chuck has grown up in the Ft Worth area, gained his education, made his career and established his family in the county he wants to serve in a new capacity.
Chuck understands the world as it is and knows that Texas is moving toward a new period in  our extraordinary history as a people.  He   believes that our future is what we citizen voters make it.  A native Texan, I have travelled a long career in America’s  military and diplomatic service.  I have seen many once great societies brought to ruin by a lack of civic courage and engagement by citizens who remained indifferent or aloof from the events of the day until it was too late to act.  Chuck is not such a bystander.  He is a leader among a new generation of Texans.

America’s founders rightly placed a strong emphasis on a system of just laws and the key role that local magistrates and judges play in maintaining an open, just and prosperous society.  Our history shows that the best judges have had a clarity of thought, solid character, a knowledge and reverence for the law tempered with a passion for equal justice, and an understanding of the community they serve. Chuck Vanover fits that profile.

Please support Chuck Vanover for Tarrant County Criminal Court # 8 in the 2014 elections.

The Honorable Howard Eugene Douglas
Austin, Texas
Former Ambassador at Large under President Ronald Reagan
Commander, US Navy Reserve (ret)