Fred J. Moore, Special Agent, United States Department of Defense (ret) Endorses Chuck Vanover

My name is Fred J. Moore, Special Agent, United States Department of Defense, retired.  I also am a Special Agent for the United States Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) retired.  I served my country in the  United States Marine Corps (active duty) and US Army Reserve (reserve duty) and retired with twenty-two years of service.

Being in law enforcement most of my adult life I have been fortunate to have worked with many good people in the federal, state and local levels.  People that are of the highest character, that are good leaders, of the  finest morals and great friends.  Each of these individuals possess traits that I consider to be inherent in someone that would have a great command presence, a good leader of people and a good person.

All of the aforementioned are traits I know to be what makes up the person of Charles (Chuck) L. Vanover.  I have known Chuck for approximately twenty years.  I knew his father before him.  I can say without any hesitation that I would support Chuck Vanover in any endeavor he chooses.  I support Chuck, specifically, in the endeavor to be Judge of Tarrant County Criminal Court #8.  I feel that Chuck will bring a fair minded approach to this position and will approach his cases from a most considered position.  His honesty, integrity and sense of duty comes from a wonderful family, great work ethic and experience.  I can think of no better hands, in which the citizens of Tarrant County will be, than Chuck Vanover.  I am proud to call him a friend.


Fred J. Moore