36 Year Tarrant County Law Enforcement Officer Endorses Chuck Vanover


I am a 6th generation resident of North East Tarrant County and have known Charles (Chuck) Vanover for over 25 years.  He has been a life long resident of North East Tarrant County and graduated from Grapevine High School.  He is very honest, personable and professional.  When he graduated from college he worked for the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department and latter for the Dallas/Ft Worth International Airport, Department of Public Safety as a police officer, fire fighter and emergency medical technician.

I was his field training officer in the patrol/rescue division, he was a fast learner.  When he made personal contact with an individual he treated each with respect as if he was recruiting them for a a posse for a latter date.  I found this to be an honorable trait for such a young man in that day and time. I do believe that each victim and lawbreaker went away feeling they had received deep respect from a very dedicated and professional individual.  Some other traits that I observed was that he was a real leader not pushing from behind, but pulling from the front and had very high moral integrity, in which, I witnessed daily.

I was very honored when after a few years he came to me and asked my advice on becoming an attorney and working in the courtrooms of criminal justice, in Tarrant County. You as a citizen of Tarrant County , if you want a criminal judge who is dedicated, professional, honest and with integrity.  He is the person to vote for.

Johnny L. Wilson
36 years of law enforcement in Tarrant County (Retired)