Tarrant County Bar Association 2014 Judicial Candidate Qualification Poll

The Tarrant County Bar Association 2014 Candidate Qualification Poll results came out on February 10, 2014 and I am proud to say that I received the highest percentage of the “Well Qualified” rating of any candidate in the race for Tarrant County Criminal Court 8. I am very honored to have the respect of the other attorneys in the Tarrant County Bar Association.

Esteban Blanco Endorses Chuck Vanover

It is with great pleasure as I join many others to endorse Mr. Chuck Vanover for the position of Judge in the Tarrant County Criminal Court 8. Without a doubt, Chuck is the most qualified candidate to hold this honorable office. As a sworn law enforcement officer for eleven years, SWAT team member, and over ten years of prosecutorial experience, Chuck has seen first-hand how the criminal justice system works and furthermore, he has excellent ideas on how to improve processes and procedures. In all that he does, Chuck exemplifies honesty, fairness and thoughtfulness. He will use those qualities to create a better balance between imposing the law, helping families of victims of violent crimes to have closure and protect & defend the citizens of Tarrant County. Please join me on March 4, 2014 and cast your vote for Chuck Vanover.


At your service,

Esteban Blanco

Advisory Board member – City of Arlington Animal Services Center

Republican Activist and Community Leader

Chuck Vanover Wins Tarrant County Conservative Candidate Fair 2014 Straw Poll and Tarrant County Republican Assembly Endorsement

IMG_0832We are excited to announce that Chuck was the winner of the 2014 Conservative Candidate Fair Straw Poll to be Judge of Tarrant County Criminal Court 8.  Here are the straw poll results of Chuck’s race and all the others.  http://www.candidatefair.com

Chuck also received an endorsement from the Tarrant County Republican Assembly.  There were only 5 contested races to receive an endorsement from the TCRA.  A candidate had to get over 66% of the votes to win the endorsement, which is hard to do in a 2 person race much less in a 3 person race such as Chuck’s.